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promote energy savings and efficiency with associated cost savings as well as increased comfort and safety of your building.  Let us show you how weatherization can create immediate and long-term financial, comfort and safety benefits for you.  Services include: Air Sealing, Attic/Wall Insulation, Attic Ventilation, Attic Insulation Removal, Water Pipe Insulation, Duct Sealing/Insulation and Kitchen/Bath Ventilation and Ducting.  Once the work is completed, we will perform the necessary "Test-Out" procedure(s) in order to determine if any safety issues are present.  This is the final piece of the puzzle that puts Building Performance Solutions head and shoulders above our competition.  If you do not test, you do not know... Building Performance Solutions knows!

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Since the inception of building science there has been a need for contractors, familiar with these techniques, to fill the void.  Seeing this lapse, Building Performance Solutions now offers this service to its customers. 

Weatherization has become increasingly more relevant as the cost of heating has risen.  Our energy weatherization products and services can help you

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