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of remediating mold, or restoring your business from water or fire damage is not complete until the odors from these tragedies are eliminated.  We use specialized equipment to help break down the odor causing molecules.  We also use special chemicals that are not harmful to the environment or the building occupants.

While we primarily deal with odor control from fire, water and mold issues, we also investigate other sources of odor for commercial buildings, office spaces, warehouses, schools, medical facilities and any other building people occupy.

Most living organisms produce odors of one type or another: some are fragrantly pleasant while others are offensive. Flowers are good examples of biological odor sources; both pleasant and offensive.  Roses produce volatile chemicals that evaporate into the air with a remarkably pleasing fragrance. Conversely, the carrion flower attracts insects that feed on rotting flesh by emitting a strong odor similar to decaying meat.  Mold and smoke have distinct and offensive odors.  Our job

Odor Control