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that they can completely eliminate mold in your building you need to find another professional.  The way to control mold is with proper water/moisture control, routine maintenance.  Depending on your situation, a variety of remedies may be necessary which could include testing and remediation.  The only sure (and EPA recommended) way to remediate mold from your home or building is to properly remove it.  Proper protocol typically requires a containment area to prevent cross contamination of unaffected areas, remediation and clearance testing.  The process is proven, tried and true.  Any company claiming to provide fogging services as a sole way to remediate mold from your building should be investigated further, as these methods alone will not remove mold from your building.  Regardless of claims, topical treatments are not for mold remediation, they are for prevention purposes.  Once the product wears off (and it will) the mold issue remains, waiting for another water event to begin growing again.

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As consummate professionals, Building Performance Solutions is committed to offering the best, cutting edge technology for performing mold testing, remediation and prevention.  There are many companies and products currently offering remediation and testing services throughout the United States.  Many are merely fly-by-night organizations that are in it to take your money and move on.  Others, like Building Performance Solutions, are here for you as long as you have a concern regarding mold in your home or building.

buildings when doors and windows are opened, it comes in on your clothing or shoes and pets often bring in spores on their paws or bodies.  If any professional tells you

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Mold issues have been in the media a lot in the last few years and more issues and concerns are seen every day.  Unfortunately, some negative press always surrounds issues that are new or unfamiliar to most people.  The bottom line with mold is this: Mold is found everywhere, outdoors and indoors alike.  You can never completely eliminate mold from your home or building.  Mold enters