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A diagnostic site visit performed by a certified professional is designed to identify opportunities for cost effective improvements resulting in multiple benefits with a single strategy. Yes your home can be energy efficient and healthy. A diagnostic
consultation can show you how.  Assessments are performed utilizing specialized equipment like blower doors and thermal imaging cameras.  Ratings on houses differ in that building data are entered in specialized software capable of predicting energy savings and potential up-grade savings-to-investment ratio(s).

Building Performance Solutions in an ENERGY STAR and Wisconsin Focus on Energy partner that provides the most updated, current certification for ENERGY STAR

  Version 3 (ESv3) and Wisconsin's New Homes Program.  We also provide third-party verification to ensure homeowner's are not only getting the proper diagnosis, but also to make certain you are getting what you pay for when renovating your home.  Included in our evaluation costs are a final "test-out" to make certain there are no adverse health effects to the house and that all work was done in accordance to national Home Performance standards.  In addition to the new home certifications provided, we are also partnered with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program, a program for existing homes.

Home Energy Ratings & Assessments

Is your home as comfortable and efficient as it could be? A diagnostic site visit can reveal the hidden dynamics and interactions between the building shell, heating system, and other building systems. A wide range of building problems can be attributed to the building tightness and insulation details. Fortunately these interrelated problems of ice dams, frozen pipes, attic condensation can be solved with a comprehensive approach that also includes saving energy.

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For example, an infrared heat loss scan combined with an infiltration test can identify costly drafts and insulation problems that not only waste heat but can cause moisture