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indoor air quality.  If you haven't tested your building, then you don't know.  If you are a new homeowner that wants peace of mind that your new home is performing as advertised, it is wise to have your home tested.  If you live in an older home that is drafty and subject to temperature swings, then an Energy Audit can save you money and stop the constant battle with your thermostat.  If you are building a new home or remodeling a home as an investment, adding energy efficient features will make your home more attractive and a Home Energy Rating will guarantee the efficiency to prospective buyers.  These past few scenarios also apply to commercial and industrial buildings.  Or maybe you just want to save the world some burnt coal. An energy efficient building is the best place to start.  High utility bills and the comfort of your building are options and YOU do have a choice.  You can make many improvements on your building that are very basic and easy to accomplish. If you are building a home, ask your contractor for an Energy Star Home or Wisconsin New Homes Program home.  If you want to upgrade your existing home, the first place to start with with a Home Performance evaluation.  There are several levels of a Home Performance evaluation, including a HERS rating (think of Miles Per Gallon for houses) that detail in depth upgrades and savings-to-investment ratio.  Contact Building Performance Solutions to discuss which evaluation best suits your needs.

Home/Building Owners

For most of us, our house is the largest investment that we will make in our lives. It is an important decision. It should be. If we choose wisely and take care of this investment, it will earn us a very attractive return. But a house is much more than an investment. It's where our kids play and where our families will gather to celebrate with one another. It's where we eat and sleep and where we seek solace after long days. It's our shelter. It's home.  Much the same applies to other buildings; offices, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, school buildings, and the list goes on.
Your building's performance is central to its investment value, its comfort and its healthiness. You should make improvements to your building that not only maximize the return on your investment, but also improve your home's comfort, durability and

Why Not Just Call My Builder?

Many home and building owners contact their original builder to fix problems.  However, if the builder created the flaw in the first place, there's a good chance it will not be properly fixed the second or even third time around.  Many builders are simply not qualified to diagnose problems and implement the proper repair procedures.  Building Performance Solutions has found that it's generally never the intent of a builder to impair the building envelope, so often it's simply a lack of knowledge and experience.  Once Building Performance Solutions finds the root of the problem, we describe why the deficiency exists and will outline a lasting solution.