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The purpose of the Combustion Safety Test is to ensure that all combustion appliances (furnace, boiler, water heater, gas kitchen appliances, etc.) are operating safely and at rated efficiency.  The equipment is tested for combustible gas leaks and the level of carbon monoxide in the home is measured.  We verify, under both worst-case and natural conditions, that flue gases are venting to the outdoors and that excessive carbon monoxide is not being produced during combustion.  A successful test will give the homeowner peace of mind that their family will be safe.  The Combustion Safety Test includes tests for worst-case depressurization, flue gas spillage, draft pressure, pre-dilution carbon monoxide, burner steady state efficiency and combustible gas leaks. 

Whenever building envelope improvements are made it is critically important to make sure that the improved building air-tightness did not impact the ability of the combustion appliances to properly vent flue gases to the outside.  This service is always included at no cost when Building Performance Solutions performs the improvements.  If you have selected a different contractor to perform the work, or you have done the work yourself, Building Performance Solutions can inspect and test the combustion appliances to evaluate efficiency and verify safe operation. 

Combustion Safety & Carbon Monoxide

Do you know if your furnace, water heater, oven or fireplace is making you sick?  Natural gas and propane appliances provide us with an excellent source of space and water heating as well as cooking much of our food.  However, if the combustion byproducts (Carbon Monoxide) are not being completely exhausted to the outside, they could be leading to health risks in your home or

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