Facility Services include:

- Property Operation and Maintenance Services

- Building Systems- HVAC, plumbing, electrical, structural

- Sustainability/Environmental Stewardship

Maintenance services include:
- Preventive maintenance, painting, carpentry, and grounds

- Furniture and work station reconfigurations

- Indoor air quality

- Energy management/conservation

- Fire and security systems coordination

consulting, BPS can provide the expertise to fulfill all of your facility needs.

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Building Maintenance Programs

At Building Performance Solutions, we offer a wide variety of office and building services, customized to meet your needs.

We work with clients in commercial, industrial and residential facilities,
on either a long-term or a project basis. In all our services, we strive to offer clients options that support sustainability and environmentally-sound practices. From property operation and maintenance
to office support and facility management

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Facility Management:
- Contract Coordination, including building maintenance, security, landscaping,
and HVAC maintenance

- Business continuity/disaster recovery planning

- Relocation coordination

- Reconfigurations of systems furniture and demountable walls

- Office layout and design

- ADA and life/safety compliance

- LEED certification coordination

- Renovation and construction coordination

- Acoustics and lighting reviews