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Building Performance Solutions is a Horizon Associates, Inc. company.

We've formed strategic partnerships with organizations that enhance our ability to provide you with the best possible service.  It is our goal to be the best energy services company in the country. Our passion, commitment and principles are the foundation of how we intend to meet that goal.

Benefits of forming a strategic partnership with Building Performance Solutions:

 »  Provide homeowners with the security of third-party testing and verification.
 »  Reduce call-backs.
 »  Homeowners & Contractors may qualify for cash-back rewards through Focus on
 »  Full access to marketing opportunities through the program.
 »  You are able to keep updated on the most recent techniques and technology available.
 »  You have access to a network of building professionals and consultants throughout the Midwest.
 »  You gain Community and Peer Recognition.
 »  You earn referrals from a professional consulting company.


Homebuilders today face a vast number of challenges.  One set of challenges revolves around comfort, efficiency, safety and durability.  These are the issues that Building Performance Solutions deals with on a daily basis.  Today's homebuyer is increasingly educated about these issues.  One of our jobs is to work with you so that you have the answers when the questions come.  From sales to supervisors, we are committed to giving our clients the tools they need to build and sell high-performance homes.

We offer a wide variety of services to meet our builder clients needs.  This website is designed to provide you not only with information about our services, but useful information gathered from a variety of sources both on the ground and on the web.  Building Performance Solutions constantly scans the horizon looking for new products, new techniques, new opportunities for our clients.  We invest in our employees to make sure that they are well-trained and well-equipped. We seek out the best and brightest with excellent communication skills.